Have you ever wondered how writing a book would change your life? After reading this, you will know how becoming a writer has affected mine.
I wish you’d been with me for the eight years during which I worked on PERSONAL BAGGAGE to see dirty clothes accumulating in the laundry, dust gathering on our furniture, weeds growing in the flower beds; to hear our phone ring and keep on ringing, or stop ringing and my husband say, “Hello” and find myself unable to block out his conversation; to feel the frustration of attempting to fit my stories into a year-long time frame and type them on a computer I didn’t know how to use, and to rewrite and proofread repeatedly.
With help from David Starnes, Professor of Writing, and Marlena E. Bremseth, Editor of DIME NOVEL ROUNDUP, and my very patient husband, I completed the book and published through Create Space. For the purpose of marketing, I joined Facebook and met Tim Hill and his team of computer wizards who used PERSONAL BAGGAGE in developing their Book Preview marketing tool. I have developed friendships on Facebook and I belong to an ever-enlarging group of Indie Authors, who text about their work and offer encouragement.
And now, because of the book, I have had an opportunity to share my experiences with you. Becoming an author has enriched my life.

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